Kytor Industries Motorsports Division

Cars. To some, they're just transport. A convenient alternative to highly flammable dirigibles; or walking. But you, you understand, cars are far more than this. They are our history. They mark the moments by which we define decades. Cars are some of the most intoxicating, most beautiful things ever forged by mankind. They represent the glory of technology, the essence of freedom, and have been the weapons in some of our most gripping sporting battles. They grip us, they cheer us on, they hold us up as heros. So this is about the love of all things four wheeled and fast. This is a shine to power, to speed, to metal made beautiful. This is where dreams are driven."

- Jeremy Clarkson

KI Motorsports as a division of Kytor Industries, celebrates the collecting, restoration, modification, and use of automobiles. Cars are not meant to sit in a climate controlled museum for eternity, they are meant to be driven and enjoyed. Refer to for projects and modifications or visit our store to shop for kits, parts, accessories and gear.