Strain Relief Support for PS2 “Fat” Genuine Sony Multiout AV Cables


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When your Sony PS2 is vertical, cables can sag, ensure cable longevity with this support. Please read below on the different vertical stand types.

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When using your Sony PS2 Fat vertically, the Sony AV cables can sag, putting undue strain and by extension stress on the cable and its connections. This strain relief support is a simple “cable saver”, turning the tide of the war gravity is waging against your consumer electronic signal carrying devices. This is designed to work with genuine OEM Sony AV “multiout” cables only, the style as shown in the picture. It is not tested for and may not have correct geometry to work with third party cables.

Two variants are available for stand types:

  • Direct (No Stand) – For use with your PlayStation 2 placed directly onto a surface
  • Retro Frog – For use with your PlayStation 2 placed into the Retro Frog PS2 Fat Vertical Stand

This support is incompatible with the PS2 Slim and various PS3 models. PS2 and cable not included.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in