About Kytor Industries

Kytor Industries is a container for potentially discrete projects, adventures, concepts and business ideas. It is the brainchild of Kyle Bottorff; acting as a single-source superset of synergistic consolidation.

The primary focus is internally developed custom concepts; either for sale of drawings and work instructions, or to be brought to production in a limited or full manufacturing run. Kytor Industries also offers contract custom design services to make your idea a reality, including fabrication and manufacturing through domestic and global partners.

Consulting, design and installation ("Integrator") services are offered for audio visual technologies, automation control systems, and ultra-high definition security camera through the totalAVC brand. This Audio Video and Control company was born in partnership with WMC Holdings in 2009 to serve the Syracuse area market. The core philosophy of totalAVC is continual advancement in the newest technologies with the belief that stellar service and good prices don't have to be mutually exclusive. Competiting integrators serving the CNY market fail to innovate or receive training on cutting-edge consumer electronics; therefore typically falling back on older, less capable and more expensive conventional technologies they are more comfortable selling and supporting.

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