Billy Bookcase Game and Media Backer


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A modular system to organize and display your favorite games and media on the Ikea Billy Bookcase.

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This modular system allows you to display your games and media front facing with laser alignment along the Ikea 31″ Billy Bookcase. The alignment edge is recessed approximately 10mm in from the front edge of the bookcase. Simply join the modules together, and push your media back to get a nicely aligned clean and tidy front edge.

Media Case Compatibility: 

  • DVD, Blu-ray, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
  • CD Jewel Case
  • Switch, PSP, Vita
  • Sega Master System, Genesis, 32X
  • Sega CD, Sega Saturn

Loose Cartridge / Game Pak Compatibility:

  • (10) NES (without dust sleeve)
  • (9) Super NES (without dust sleeve)
  • (9) Famicom (note: some carts may fit loose due to large variability)
  • (9) Super Famicom
  • (9) N64 (NTSC Only)


  1. Optimized for use with the Ikea 31″ Billy Bookcase with inside dimensions of 30″ (762mm) width and 10-1/2″ (266mm) depth.
  2. Modules (sections) are 190mm in width each, four modules may be joined together per each shelf.
  3. Will not full span fit the 15-3/4″ Billy Bookcase, one module can be used but there will be a 170mm gap.
  4. This is simply a backing plate to align the front edge of your media, it will not prevent falls or provide seismic protection.
  5. Cartridge backers do not support off-standard designs such as Super Game Boy or GameShark.
  6. N64 Half Width Labels by Retro Rivet on Etsy (no affiliation).
  7. Also available as a free download at Printables.



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