Mariah Boats Radio Console Dash Plate


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Drop-in replacement radio console for Mariah boats.



After years of use, the factory plastic becomes brittle and cracks. Replace your Mariah boats radio console dash plate (“bezel”) with this super-durable CNC cut 1/8-inch thick aluminum plate.

This has been designed in-house for a perfect fit, cleaning up some of the geometry errors found on older drawings floating around the internet.

Featured Knockouts:

  • Four Rocker Switch
        • If you have fewer switches, re-use your blanks, or purchase new blanks.
  • Engine Safety Switch (0.66″ ø)
        • For your “kill switch” lanyard.
        • A blank insert is available (3D printed PETG) as an option.
        • Some boats will have this on the throttle assembly, however, if and when you replace your throttle it will often need to be relocated to a standalone engine safety switch.
  • 12V Auxiliary Power (1-1/8″ ø)
        • You may reuse your OE factory socket, a Sutars 1206 (Made in Sweden) and is not sold in the USA, but can be imported.
  • Temperature Readout
        • Accommodates your factory or aftermarket temperature readout display, holes may need to be drilled out depending on your display type and installation method.
  • Radio
        • Multiple options available, see below.

Three radio knockout options are available: 

  1. Single DIN – Ideal for most applications since you will most likely be deleting the CD/Tape storage tray.
  2. Twin Single DIN – If you want to continue using your factory CD/Tape storage tray along with a radio
  3. Three Inch Round – For round style marine radios, this is for standard 3″ size cutouts only, a small number of 3″ radios will actually require a non-standard cutout size (e.g. 3-1/8″) which will require trimming.

Finish coating options: 

  1. As standard, this is uncoated, bare aluminum.
  2. Satin black powder coating service. Please allow an additional 7 to 10 business days for powder coating.


  1. Install switches and devices normally.
  2. You may need to drill holes for certain devices (e.g. temperature readout display).
  3. To secure the dash plate to your panel, it is recommended to use U-nuts such as these.

Looking for a custom powder coating colors? Contact for quotations.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1 in



11 Gauge

Radio Knockout

Single DIN, Twin Single DIN, Three Inch Round

Finish Type

No Finish (Bare), Powder Coat


Black (Satin), Uncoated