5X-Y-Z SCART Adapter for RetroTINK-5X Pro


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Male SCART to Female SCART adapter intended for use with the RetroTINK-5X Pro.

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If you are using the RetroTINK-5X Pro with a SCART input cable, this adapter rotates the SCART female plug 90° on the Y-axis and 90° on the Z-axis for a simple and clean cable management path in your entertainment system. The 5X-Y-Z comes fully assembled, just plug and play!

Note: The RetroTINK-5X Pro and associated cables are sold separately. This device does not carry a listing from a third party NRTL.

UK Customers: Due to VAT laws I need to sell through a marketplace. Please use this eBay listing.

The shell add-on is also available for standalone purchase or as a free download!

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in


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